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SOS Children's Village Fountain

Location: Chicago, IL

Approximate Value: $65,000

Scope: Furnish and install domed fountain and oval planters and benches.

Challenges: The challenges were fountain-related. From an aesthetic and risk perspective, you would want to make one mold for the entire piece. The budget was tight, and so we cast it in 4 segments, plant assembled into a single unit. The design we worked from was conceptual and would not necessarily end up with the smooth even water flow that was intended. We worked with the fountain (pumps, etc.) provider and the GC and refined the design so it appeared workable to us. Recognizing that it work only if it was leveled to much tighter tolerances than normal, we added details to allow precision leveling and future adjustment. We also planned out how adjustments would occur to alignment in the shop before committing to welding. Results: it looked good and worked well. GC was impressed with our commitment to getting it right and with the results and the schedule.

Architect: Peter Lindsay Schaudt Landscape Architecture (312) 922-9090

General Contractor: LR Brian Jansen (312) 595-7400

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