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Guidelines for Submitting Photos

What are the requirements for case photos?

  • Files must have a .JPG or .JPEG file extension and be smaller 5 MB per photo*.
  • Must be sharply focused — We must be able to enlarge to see certain critical details
  • Poorly focused pictures or those taken with a mediocre lens are not useful
  • In general photos from regular cameras are much better than those from phone cameras.
  • If you can get close, then use the close-up feature of your camera. Look for an icon like this.
  • 3 photos minimum - as itemized below:
    1. The whole structure and some surroundings (If structure is small and discrete then this view may be combined with the next photo)
    2. A substantial area surrounding the problem, centered on the problem. (If structure is small and discrete #1 and #2 may be the same)
    3. The problem area and a little bit of the area around it. (one picture for each example of the problem).
    4. A close-up of the problem (one close-up for each example of the problem).
  • 10 photos maximum per Quick-Look. It's called "Quick-Look" for a reason. If you feel that more than 10 photos are necessary to communicate the nature and details of your problem, then one option is to break it into 2 separate Quick-Looks.

View the example reports for examples of the photos we need.

* Files larger than 5 MB may cause the upload process to fail. If your photos are larger than this or the upload process fails, please take one of the following steps:

  1. Use a photo editing program to reduce the image's file size (try resizing the image but keeping quality high)

- OR -

  1. Use a smaller, unrelated, placeholder photo
  2. When prompted to provide a caption for the placeholder photo, type in: PLACEHOLDER
  3. Once you submit your Quick-Look, we will contact you to get the proper photo
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